Terms and Conditions of Cashback Refunds

Brother is committed to honouring cashbacks claims within 10 working days of receiving your claim and your copy of the receipt, so if we don’t fulfil this commitment we will refund the purchase cost of your machine. This refund represents the amount paid less the cashback value, for example – if you’ve paid $199 and the cashback offer was for $30 cashback, we will reimburse you $169 by a company cheque.

When does the 10 working day commence?
The 10 working days commences at the time:

1) The individual submits a complete cashback claim form. To be complete it must include (but is not limited to) their name, address, email, serial number, purchase details and if EFT is selected, their nominated account details on www.brothercashbacks.co.nz


2) Brother has received a copy of a validated receipt at the following address: Brother International (NZ) Limited (Brother), PO BOX 248, Seventh Avenue,Tauranga 3140.

Or email us your receipt to cashback@brother.co.nz

The 10 working days commences from the time Brother receives both a completed cashback claim on www.brothercashbacks.co.nz and a copy of the receipt and has approved the claim for payment.

Please note: the 10 working days commences from the time your posted copy of your receipt reaches our head office and is validated as authentic, not the date you lodged your claim on www.brothercashbacks.co.nz All copies of receipts are date-stamped the day they arrive at Brother and we will also record the date the cheque is posted to you from our head office. We will be happy to provide this information to you should you dispute our account of events. Note that your unique ID emailed to you the day your claim was successfully submitted, must be noted on the back of the receipt copy as well as your name and address.

What is 10 working days defined as?
10 Working Days is defined as any day other than a Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday observed in Wellington. Click here to refer to the cashback terms and conditions.

Please note: You must place a claim on www.brothercashbacks.co.nz for any refund to take place. It will not happen automatically.

Complete the form below if you feel you are entitled to a refund of the purchase price of your machine. A representative from Brother will contact you if we need to discuss your request for a refund further.

If you do not have an email address, contact Brother on 0800 788 700 and leave a message for us to contact you, otherwise email us at cashbacks@brother.co.nz

If your refund request meets the acceptance criteria, your payment will be processed and posted to the address you provide us with.