Brother Design Stars FAQs 2017


  • Can I enter Brother Design Stars with a friend?
  • Each entry must be completed by one person, but why not work on your separate entries together!
  • As a school teacher, can I enter a number of students on one Registration Form?
  • Yes! You can enter as a class here
  • Can I enter both the craft and fashion category?
  • Yes! However you must tick the ‘Both Fashion & Craft Awards’ box when filling out the online Registration Form.
  • Will I be competing against all age groups?
  • Each category (Craft & Fashion) will be judged across two age groups:
    • School years 7 - 9
    • School years 10 - 13
  • How do I know I’ve registered properly?
  • If you have successfully registered online, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (Monday – Friday)
  • Can I enter Brother Design Stars and Raise Up’s Walk the Line competition?
  • Yes - if you live in Auckland and are entering the Fashion category then you can register and enter both competitions. If you are entering both, please state this on your entry form. Click here for more details about Walk the Line


  • I’m stuck with the theme, what does ‘Steal the Show’ mean?
  • Firstly, there is no right or wrong answer. This year we want you to create something glamorous and show-stopping! Channel style icons like Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, be inspired by an era of glamour, or even use a moment in history to inspire your fashion statement. Whatever direction your creativity takes you in, make it a scene stealer! If you’re still stuck, click here to see our Pinterest board of 'Steal the Show' inspiration!
  • I don’t know where to start, can you help?
  • This Brother Design Stars website is a great place to start. Click here for more details on the theme and look around you for inspiration – it’s everywhere! Check out last year’s Award winners & finalists on Facebook and create something that you feel proud of. There’s no ‘wrong’ or ‘silly’ ideas, so get creating!
  • I’ve drawn/sketched a design. Do I have to physically make and send in my entry?
  • Yes, you must send in your finished, handmade entry but you can also send in your drawn designs as part of your final entry.


  • Do I have to produce a whole outfit for the fashion category?
  • You can choose to produce one item (for example top, pants, jumper, coat etc) or an entire outfit. If you are producing one item, you may like to explain what you suggest wearing it with.
  • Can I use fashion accessories I haven’t made as part of my entry?
  • You can include fashion accessories (for example hat, belt, shoes, bags etc) as part of your garment/outfit, however these will not be judged as a standalone entry and may not be included in the New Zealand Fashion Week Graduate Show, supported by Brother.
  • Do I have to produce a garment/outfit to a particular size?
  • If you’re designing to the brief, we ask that you follow these sizing guidelines All finalists’ garments will be modelled on the catwalk as part of the New Zealand Fashion Week Graduate Show, supported by Brother. As the professional models will be standard women’s size 8 to 10, we ask those entering to follow the guidelines.
  • What happens if my entry doesn’t match the sizing guidelines?
  • We would encourage you to design to a size 8 – 10 as this is the size of New Zealand Fashion Week models. If you want to design to your personal size, please clarify this and name the size you are designing to on the Entry Form.
  • Can I choose who will wear my entry at NZ Fashion Week?
  • Professional models will be pre-selected by the NZFW & Brother Design Stars team. To ensure your entry is worn as you have intended correctly please note this clearly on your Entry Form.
  • Can I model my own garment?
  • As the New Zealand Fashion Week Graduate Show, supported by Brother is part of the trade, invite-only schedule, professional models selected by NZFW will be wearing your design/s.

WALK THE LINE ENTRIES – this is NEW to 2017

  • How do I enter both Brother Design Stars and Walk the Line?
  • You need to register for each competition separately. However you can use the same fashion entry for both competitions. To register for Brother Design Stars just click here. To register for Walk the Line? just click here
  • Do I send my entry to Brother Design Stars first?
  • Yes! Send your completed entry and Entry Form to the Brother Design Stars award office by Friday 14 July
  • What happens to my fashion entry after judging? How does it get to Walk the Line?
  • The Brother Design Stars team will make sure your entry is delivered to organisers of Walk the Line after our judging day. All entries will be available for pick-up at the Walk the Line dress rehearsal on Saturday 12 August
  • If I’m successful in both competitions and my entry is showcased at both New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) events (trade week for Brother Design Stars and consumer weekend for Walk the Line), what happens with my entry between shows?
  • Don’t worry! We will coordinate with the organisers of Walk the Line to make sure your entry is at the Raise Up Walk the Line showcase at NZFW on Saturday 2 September
  • If I’m entering the Brother Design Stars craft category, can I enter Walk the Line?
  • As Walk the Line is a separate competition to Brother Design Stars, they only accept fashion garments/outfits but stay tuned for more opportunities next year!
  • If I’m entering the Brother Design Stars fashion category but live out-of-Auckland, can I still enter Walk the Line
  • As Walk the Line is a separate competition to Brother Design Stars, they only accept entries from Auckland entrants but stay tuned for more opportunities next year!


  • Do I have to create a specific style of headwear?
  • You can create any style you like. From caps to berets, crowns to fascinators, it can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. You design and choose! Just remember you’re designing for the runway, so you want it to be memorable
  • Can I redecorate or embellish a hat that I already own / or have purchased, and use this to enter the craft category?
  • All headwear must be handmade and created by you. You can, however, re-use fabric from an old hat and use this as part of your unique design. Or try creating your piece from paper, card or wool – use any craft materials you choose!


  • I’ve lost my Entry Form, what do I do?
  • Don’t worry! Just click here
  • Can I drop off my entry in person?
  • Yes! Your entry must be dropped off before 14 July 2017 between Monday – Friday (9:30am – 5:00pm) to The Brother Design Stars Awards Office c/o Goode PR, Samsung Building, 24 Warehouse Way, Northcote, Auckland.
  • Can I use my Brother Design Stars entry to enter any other competitions?
  • If you are chosen as a finalist and/or winner we may keep your entry for up to three months after the competition ends, and you are not able to use the same entry in another competition. Please read the full Terms & Conditions for details, or ask a parent or caregiver to read this for you.
  • I am a past winner or finalist. Can I enter again?
  • Yes you can! All entries are judged by numbers (not names), so the judges will not know if you are a past winner or finalist.


  • When will I receive my entry back from you, if I provide a courier ticket/bag?
  • You’ll receive an email once our send back process starts, however winning/top entries may be kept for longer. Read Terms & Conditions for further details.
  • I haven’t included a courier ticket/bag with my entry, how do I get my entry back?
  • You will be able to collect your entry from The Brother Design Stars Awards Office c/o Goode PR, Samsung Building, 24 Warehouse Way, Northcote, Auckland. pick up day will be announced later in the competition, so stay tuned! All items not picked up before this date will remain property of Brother NZ.


  • When and how will we find out who the winners are?
  • The winners will be announced late August on The Brother Design Stars website and the Brother NZ Sewing & Craft Facebook page If you have been selected as a finalist, you will be contacted in August 2017

    *Winners who are required to travel to Auckland and will be given at least 2 weeks’ notice.


  • What are the key competition dates?
  • Pre registration open (for teachers only) 27 February 2017
    Public registrations open 1 May 2017
    All registrations close 7 July 2017
    Physical entries received by 14 July 2017
    Winners announced August 2017
    New Zealand Fashion Week Graduate Show w/c 28 August 2017