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About Papatoetoe North School.

Papatoetoe North School is a primary school in Auckland with approximately 750 students and 90 staff. The school sought a refreshed print fleet with new devices that offered greater value. They were familiar with Brother and Konica Minolta as trusted printer brands, having had both in their previous fleet, procured from a different supplier at the time.


As their previous printing contract approached its end, Papatoetoe North School sought the best print provider for their needs. They explored various AoG PTAS panel providers, including Brother, as well as non-panel suppliers, gathering several quotes for comparison.

Their existing print fleet consisted of smaller Brother printers and three high-speed Konica Minolta copiers capable of printing 55 pages per minute, dispersed throughout the school. However, despite this setup, some teachers still had to walk a distance to access printing facilities with unnecessary wait times.

Efficient troubleshooting service was a priority for the school, with a requirement that any issues be resolved within four hours.

Additionally, Papatoetoe North School aimed for a seamless transition in terms of both delivery and installation of devices, ensuring minimal disruption for staff. With 90 staff relying on printing and copying regularly, downtime could cause significant disruptions.


After carefully examining how teachers and staff were printing, Brother proposed adjusting the specifications of new devices from 55 page per minute to 30 page per minute. This resulted in a lower monthly cost, enabling an increase in the number of devices, thus improving accessibility for all users.

Monica May, Papatoetoe North School’s ICT Manager, was pleasantly surprised by Brother’s proposal to right-size the school’s existing multi-function devices, showcasing the extra effort invested into the initial assessment and proposal under AoG PTAS. The continuity of using trusted devices compatible with existing print software meant users didn't have to relearn operational processes.

The transition process for the fleet was smooth and seamless. New machines were preconfigured, allowing Brother technicians to swiftly install and test them on-site, minimising disruption for teachers and office staff.



By analysing the school's printing and copying needs and optimising the spread of devices, Brother provided more devices than initially available, thereby enhancing efficiency while reducing overall printing costs.

The increased number of devices distributed across the school has significantly eased the burden of printing for teachers and staff. Previously, queues of up to 20 people formed at printers during lunchtime, whereas now, Monica notes that the this has reduced to around three people at any one time.

The slight decrease in machine speed is barely noticeable and the consistency in interfaces between Brother and Konica Minolta devices has simplified operations.

Monica's expectations regarding prompt troubleshooting have been met, noting that Brother staff have always promptly addressed issues within the four-hour timeframe.

Furthermore, the school now has access to an online portal providing real-time information on device usage and printing expenditure. This convenience surpasses the need to sift through old invoices, placing information at Monica's fingertips whenever she needs it.

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 “I really appreciated that Brother did their homework. Instead of trying to push products that would make more money for them, they suggested what we actually needed. That immediately told me they were genuinely interested in our school and giving us what we needed rather than what they wanted to sell.”

“It’s been a game changer for our school. People are happy; they have printers in their areas of the school now.”

“We’re making huge savings. The service has been great and the performance of the machines has been fabulous. We’ve been very happy.” 

- Monica May, Papatoetoe North School ICT Manager


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