Important Firmware Update On Selected Mono Laser Printers Purchased From 1 December 2023. Click Here For Information.

PRVMFLAP Versatile Magnetic 'L' Frame (Frame Only)

Introducing the Flash Magnetic 'L' Frame. Hoop in an instant with four magnets that quickly fit snug into place. You can also rehoop without removing it from the machine, making any project so much quicker! These frames are versatile and excellent for more oversized garments or items with plenty of room towards the back of the hoop.

$599.95 RRP (Inc. GST)

Key features

  • Embroider up to 2 mm in thickness
  • Use with difficult to hoop and tubular items that cannot be hooped in traditional hoops – tote bags, small shirts, embroidery blanks and more!
  • Reduces scratching and hoop burn damage to your hooped materials
  • Now you can stitch on the mid and bottom parts of tote bags
  • Includes: One 5” x 7” (130mm x 180mm) frame with four magnets
  • Compatible with 6 and 10 needle PR machines: PR690W, PR1055X, PR670E, PR1050X, PR655, PR1000 and PR100e. Check for firmware updates and specific model compatibility


Easy Hooping Hoop projects while the hoop is attached to the machine. No need to remove the hoop from the driver/hoop holder and the next project can be “inserted” for the embroidery process.

Smooth Hooping Magnets allow for easy fabric placement and adjustment, put two magnets on and slide other magnets to smooth out fabric!

Durability Magnets are strong enough to hold thick items like a lush towel yet avoid hoop burn! No force or power/strength needed for hooping.

Compatible with arm/holder included with large or medium versatile magnetic frame kits.

No Misplacement of Magnets! Magnets only fit where they are supposed to go, so no misplacement of magnets when hooping!

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