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Six illustrations of employees working in different locations around the home and garden

Work from Home Week - Agile Working

Work from Home Week is an initiative dedicated to getting employers and their staff thinking about agile working.

Work from Home Week is dedicated to getting employers and their staff thinking about agile working.

Giving staff the option to work from home, when appropriate, can have a positive impact on both the individual and the business.

Staff make gains in a better work/life balance, having the space to work on projects without the distraction of a busy office, and by avoiding a busy commute – all of which can increase productivity.

For the business, not only is the increase in productivity a benefit, but according to the Agile Future Forum – the industry association founded to promote flexible working practices in the UK – home working can cut costs by up to 13 percent.

Of course, there are operational issues to consider. Staff need to remain connected with the rest of the business to avoid any breakdown in communication with teams and clients, but also to ensure that there are still opportunities for collaboration and joint thinking.

This is where technology steps in.

Portable tech, like scanners and printers, can be used at home, in the office and easily transported between the two.

Look out for tech that is compatible with great apps such as iPrint & Scan, which means that users can print directly from their smartphones and tablets wherever they are.

Web conferencing is also a great tool for keeping connected. Staff can join meetings, and bring to life ideas and reports without relying on email or conference calls – which if we’re all honest, can get pretty dull. Again, choose web conferencing that makes it easy for staff to operate from smartphones and tablets.

In our own business, as well as providing portable tech and web conferencing for our staff, we’ve also introduced an internal social network to help maintain a sense of community. It means staff can share ideas and information, and makes sure they don’t miss out on those all-important water cooler conversations!

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