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How well does your business present itself?

Has your organisation got the Business Smart look?

At Brother, we’re on the side of business. We appreciate the importance of building a brand and understanding your customer base.

A strong brand can be one of your organisation’s greatest strengths and it’s never been more important to have a consistent visual identity across all channels, from physical marketing assets, to your website and presence on social media.

A brand represents how customers will perceive your business and it’s vital to consistently evaluate how healthy it is.

For example, when was the last time you reviewed your brand guidelines? Do you have a social media strategy? How often do you seek feedback from your customers and use this to inform strategic decisions?

To help you determine whether or not your brand is in good shape, we’ve created a quick, fun quiz that explores how your business presents itself.

Take our 11-question Business Smart quiz now.

Learn how small businesses from various sectors are employing technology to their advantage by visiting Brother’s business solutions homepage.

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